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Frequently Asked Questions or Mountains Survival Manual

?: Can I get to Fakestival by car?

!: Sure! We have marked the spot on the map. Good tarmac road all the way to the Fakestival.

?: I haven’t got a car, what shall I do?

!: First of all, don’t panic! Second of all, you get to either Novosibirsk, Barnaul or Gorn-Altaisk by plane and take a coach from there. We have an agreement with our tour partner Aviaflot to help with transfer to Fakestival.

?: Ok, but where am I going to stay?

!: You can stay at any of the holiday camps nearby, or at the Biryuza, where the Fakestival will take place. In Getting Here we give a few accommodation options. Alternatively, you can rent a house in a local village or set up a tent. There are many tent sites nearby; the site rent will be RuR 200 per night. Fakestival will be a 10-15-minute walking distance. And again: our friends from Aviaflot will be happy to help with accommodation, meals and excursions.

?: Ok, I’ll come, but how do I actually get to the Fakestival and how much is it going to cost?

!: To event is taking place at the Biryuza, where you can get either having done your accreditation online in advance, or getting registered on-site. Accreditation fee is RuR 1,500. This includes all the events of our educational programme, parties and the gift bag consisting of: a Fakestival wind-cheater, a handy Fakestival area map and programme, a notepad, a pencil and a few surprises. If you want to mingle with the jury at the final buffet, it will be another RuR 1,500 (includes food and drinks.)

?: I heard something about ticks, what’s that all about?

!: Even though tick activity starts to decrease in July, all holiday campsites have been treated against these incects anyway (and yes, we have an agreement with ticks, so they don’t attack our guests too much). DESPITE ALL THAT, you MUST obtain an applicable insurance. This can be done with any insurance company. The insurance costs about 300 rubles. When obtaining an insurance, please ask whether Chemalskiy district and Gorno-Altaisk are included in the list of places where you can get your injection if needed. By the way, if you are not insured, this injection might cost you from 5,000 to 10,000 rubles. Even if you are insured, please take care and examine yourself and your clothes from time to time for any ticks.

?: What’s the weather like in the Altai Mountains? What shall I pack?

!: The mountain climate is the best, it is full of herby aromas, old pine trees and rivers. No mosiquitoes! Evenings might be a bit chilly, but we took care of that: you will get a windcheater in your gift pack. You can take some warm clothes just in case: trainers, socks and a jumper. But in any case, our evenings will be warmed up by a friendly chat by the campfire.

?: How intense is the Fakestival programme?

!: We took our first off-line Fakestival very seriously and prepared a lot of interesting stuff, both educational and entertaining. You will see for yourself that our educational programme is very professional. Also, you are guaranteed to meet lots of interesting people, sing songs by the fire, have a disco night, a buffet, see world’s best adverts, go on excursions, see the mountains, rivers, beautiful blue skies and be sad to leave it all after the Fakestival is over.

?: Is there anything interesting to see nearby?

!: You can take excursions 24 hours a day – there lots to see! You could, for example, climb the Mezhelik or the Seligur mountain, visit the Mountain Spirit Valley or go horse-riding. If you are into extreme sports, you can raft down the Katun River, or go bungee jumping at the Chemalskaya Hydroelectric Power Station, take a quadbike ride or even go paragliding. Just keep it in mind that we are actually here for the Fakestival ;)