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Andrey Gubaydullin

Creative Director at RA Voskhod


Born on 9 January 1971. Graduated Radioelectronics Faculty of the Ural State Technical University (now B.N. Yeltsin Ural Federal University). First advert video made in 1990. Has been with RA Voskhod since it has been established. Today, Voskhod holds over a hundred awards from both Russian and internation festivals, including a Cannes Lions bronze, a silver Eurobest, Golden Drumm’s Grand Prix and a bronze from Epica. According AKAR’s creativity rating, Voskhod is the most decorated advertising agency in Russia.
Aleksey Shelepov

Art Director at Altapress Publishing House


Nothing personal: school, army, roaring 90-ies, a wedding without a fight, etc. Qualification: graphic designer, worked at a factory manufacturing synthetic fiber; dropped out of the then Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg) Institute of Architecture, failed entrance exams to the Faculty of Journalism at Altai State University… And so on. Best “education” working with maestro Filatov. Best project: daughter Serfima. Has numeroud awards from the IDEA! Festival, Moscow International Festival of Advertising (MIFA), Wolda, IDENTITY: Best of the Best.
Vassily Lebedev

Creative Director at
Red Keds


Vasily Levedev was born in 1985 in Moscow. Graduate of linguistic gymnasium and National Design Institute. Had worked with a number of Russian advertising agencies until he co-established Red Keds in 2006, where he is now creative director. Teaches and supervises students’ theses at the British Higher School of Art and Design, State University of Management and Wordshop Digital.
Daniil Sergeyev

Creative Director at FIRMA


Created his first logo at the age of 14, at 20 dropped out of the Ural Academy of Architecture, at 21 he became the leading designer at Artemy Lebedev Studio, at 23 he established his FIRMA and at 29 he opened his office in New-York.
Dmitry Peryshkov

Co-owner and Creative Director at
Direct Design Visual Branding


Born in 1965 in Moscow. Decided to become a designer after he painted the wallpaper in his room at 3. Graduated from a construction engineering institute. Created covers for his musician-friends’ records, thus gaining more experience in graphic design. In 1989 he became chief designer at “Agentstvo stolichnykh soobshcheniy” (Metropolitan Comunications Agency) which was one of the first in advertising agencies Russia during perestroika; worked as a designer at Melodia recording company. Established Direct-Design together with Leonid Feigin in 1993. Dmitry is the author of HOW, Graphis, Epica Book, Communication Arts, Creative Review, Print Magazine, Package & Design and some others.
Kirill Konstantinov

Creative Director at KIAN


Comes from an academic family. Was a fond collector of inserts and wrappers of various sorts, was into sports and music and just generally was a good boy. Then he got into rock, Britpop, funk, slap, bass and jazz. Eventually, despite everything, established his own business at the age of 21. After that, it’s no different to anyone else: Epica, Reddot, Penta, everybody's affection and acknowledgement.
Kseniya Lukicheva

Editor at Adme.ru


Was born in a family, went to a secondary school, was forced to go to a music school, graduated from a university. Then became a journalist, worked on telly, at an advertising agency, on customer’s side. Joined AdMe.ru four years ago as a young lady, and turned grey by the age of 30 due to stressing about Russia’s advertising industry. Writes about advertising from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m. daily, and thinks about it 24/7. Kseniya is one of the best advertising columnists in the country, and is the author of a good half of all the material published on AdMe.ru.
Leonid Feigin

Co-owner and Creative Director at
Direct Design Visual Branding


Born on 15 January 1966. Member of the Russian Academy of Advertising. Member of American Art Director’s Club. Panel member of Art Directors Club of Russia (ADCR). Member of Russia’s Designers Union. Supervises Art Direction at Wordshop Communications Academy. Developed his own Visual Communications course for the British Higher School of Arts and Design. Member of Association of Russia’s Branding Companies. Jury member for Brand of the Year |EFFIE.

How the Entries are Judged

Stage 1: Short-Listing

Each member of the jury has to simply decide whether the entry is worth being short-listed or not. The entries that get 50% or more of the jurors’ votes are short-listed.

Stage 2: Selection

Each juror evaluates every short-listed entry on the scale from 1 to 5, which is then summed up. In each nomination, the first three entries with the maximum points are awarded the three prizes.

Valuation criteria:

Novelty and ingenuity of the idea.
Quality of execution.