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It’s out in the open, dear friends: firstly, word leaked out how to get to Fakestival this July. Secondly, you’ve now got a reason to go as the Fakestival’s educational programme has been announced. For more information please go to Accreditation page.


To stir it up a bit more, let us tell you where you might encounter the Fakestival Elk.



He might be hiding behind a tree.



Or outside the arbour just as you leave the seminar.



He might be in the pool.



Or on the balcony.



Or sitting on the bench right in front of your house.



He might be peeping from behind the rocks on the river bank, should you decide to take a walk there.



He might even have a lovely swim in the Katun’s bracing waters.



Would you like to meet the Elk? Or just simply see this beautiful place? Then get your accreditation and come to Fakestival!