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Fakestival – 2012 gathers pace! Fakestival Director Irina Shale tells us about the surprises the Fakestival has in store.



Here are three reasons to take part in Fakestival. You simply must apply if:

  1. you want a large number of prospective customers to see what you are capable of;
  2. you are interested to know what industry’s top-rank professionals think about your work; 
  3. you would like to finally have the chance and clear out that drawer in your desk, where all your brilliant ideas are stored.

If, however, that is not what you are intending to do, you don’t have to apply :)


What’s different this year?

Well, to start with, - the scale of it. Last year it all took place online at www.2011.fakestival.ru. This time we are holding the awards ceremony in Altai Mountains. We invited some renowned professionals and speakers and developed an intense and informative programme. The jury members are already known and will be announced by the end of April.

Secondly, a new category – Digital – has been introduced, which means, we now accept digital fakes as well. The other nominations remain unchanged, these are: Video, Identity, Printed Advertising, Packaging, Advertising Campaigns, and Object Design. The organising committee’s special prize Epic Fake is still on as well. The audience are now giving their votes at www.fakestival.ru. The entry with most “likes” will be awarded a special prize.


You might think that an entry submitted earlier has a bigger chance to win the Audience Choice Award, and you are right!

So, here’s another reason to apply right now.


Why is it more expensive this year?

Naturally, an offline event will cost more to hold than an online one, but you will not regret it, as we guarantee an intense and informative programme, lots of interesting and successful people and the picturesque landscapes of the Altai Mountains.

Students get 50% off. Entries submitted before 1 June qualify for a 20% discount. Besides, there is 20% off for submitting more than one project.

So, it pays to hurry.