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Fakes are coming true!

Last year’s winner Mariya Ponomareva told us how Fakestival changed her life.


Мария Пономарева, победитель Фейкстиваля 2011


Hi! I’m Masha Ponomareva.

Last year’s Fakestival brought me two Plywood Elks. So, I currently share my accommodation with a whole elk family. As you can see in the photo, sometimes I take them out for a walk.


Well, generally, a lot of good things happened since. I got more professional awards and my plywood animals have to share the wall with them now. Fake projects are coming true: based on the last year’s identity project, a new series of tourist souvenirs with Nizhny Novgorod prints has been launched recently.

Нижний Новгород (Фейкстиваль)

The Artea tea project has found a prospective customer.

Artea (Fakestival)


Dear friends, just a quick reminder that the deadline is still 27 June, 2012. We have prepared a smashing educational programme, and getting here couldn’t be easier. Keep in touch!