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General Media Partners

  • A-ONE TV broadcasting channel
    General TV Partner

    The only Russian music channel dedicated to hip-hop culture. A-ONE’s musical content covers the whole diversity of this style: hip hop, R'n'B, rap, electronic music, funk, reggae, soul and some other similar styles. The three words that characterise the channel could be: positive, creative and cool. Join in and keep up with the trends!

  • AdMe.ru
    Professional General Media Partner

    AdMe.ru was created by the people genuinely passionate about advertising. Our mission is to help both professionals and devotees by providing a reliable high-quality resource that is handy and convenient for any creative research, that allows you to see what your colleagues around the world are busy with, and that might inspire and motivate you to create something extraordinary yourself. We would be happy to unite all those who share our passion for advertising and to widen the horizons and up the standards of creativity.

  • Altapress.ru
    Altapress.ru General Media Partner in Altai Region

    Altapress Publishing House was established in 1990 and started with “Svobodny Kurs” (Free Course) – the first independent newspaper in Altai Region. Nowadays, Altapress is the leading private media company in Altai Region, and is one of the first five regional publishing companies in Russia. The company employs over a thousand people. Altapress’ official mission is meeting the society’s demand for non-biased information by creating independent mass media.

Conceptual Partners

  • IDEA! Advertising Festival

    Open NATIONAL advertising festival for those working in the industry in Russia and CIS. It is an annual event held since 1997. The Festival has been organised by: Novosibirsk Advertisers Association (GORN), Melekhov&Filyurin Advertising Group (Novosibirsk – Moscow) and with the support from the following professional organisations: Association of Russian Communications Agencies (AKAR), Russian Association of Marketing Services (RAMU), and Association of Interactive Agencies (AIA).

  • Biryuza. Hotel in the mountains

    "Biryuza Hotel in the mountains" is located in a beautiful spot surrounded by old pine trees and the magnificent Altai Mountains, right on the banks of the Katun River, 370-380 m above the sea level. With its mild microclimate, an abundance of sunshine and moderately warm summers, the area of Chemal is known as a balneological spa. The local air is crisp and ozonous and filled with a potent aroma of flowers and herbs. Available accommodation includes comfortable 1-room, 2-room and 3-room suites.

  • ABC show

    ABC Show’s collection of the world’s best advertising mainly consists of the winning entries of the leading international advertising festivals. All videos and prints included in the collection are the funniest, the most provocative and shocking, and the most unpredictable, - ultimately, the most outstanding masterpieces of advertising. It is no coincidence that ABC Show’s motto is Best of the Best - THE best advertising of the 21st century.

  • Vinoteka

    A retail chain offering exquisite and carefully selected choice of wines and other alcoholic beverages. Highly-qualified staff will be happy to help both a novice and an experienced connoisseur.


    Lege Artis. (Lat. for “by the law of the skill”) By all laws.

Official Media Partners

  • Sib.fm

    Online magazine Sib.fm is a new resource about the life in Siberia and the people living there. It tells about their self-identity and about everything happening in their life, in the country and in the world. It tells about the real life values through personal experiences, emotions and opinions. 65% of our readers are people aged 25-44. 56% of the readers are from Novosibirsk.

  • Siburbia.ru

    Siberian Online Magazine The magazine tells us about the Siberia we live in and about the Siberia we all would have liked to live in. We support people with pro-active attitude. Siburbia works for the future, where people say: “I want to live in Siberia, because it’s wicked.”

  • ADline.by

    A specialised online publication about advertising, creativity and design. The easiest and the quickest way to find an advertising agency for your specific needs. Besides, we publish news and articles on advertising; galleries, tenders and job vacancies in the advertising industry.

  • Association of Russia’s Branding Companies

    ARBC is a leading non-governmental organisation representing the interests of Russia’s branding agencies.

  • Branded

    A weekly about marketing in cinematography, television, music, sport, games and mobile content. It is a joint effort of Branded and Advertising Age – a world-renowned professional community.

  • Surfingbird.ru

    Surfingbird.ru is a system of recommended web-pages. You introduce yourself, tell us what interests you, and we offer a list of resources selected by our other users with similar interests.

  • Art part

    An online magazine about the best things in object design and architecture. Every day there is a brilliant project or a professional analytical article published on our website. We also offer great quizzes and topical interviews. Besides, there is a job vacancy section that is updated on a daily basis.

  • AdMe-Sibir (AdMe-Siberia)

    Advertising, marketing and PR news from Novosibirsk and the rest of Siberia. News from the advertising agencies, projects created by Siberia's leading designers, reprints and reruns from the local papers and other media, announcements of the upcoming events, live chat with the professionals and those interested in advertising.

  • DA!Fest

    DA!Fest offers the best films about design and architecture. This is the only festival offering professional valuation of the presentation trailers on industrial design and architecture. DA!Fest also holds competitions, workshops, exhibitions, ratings, and also breaking news and creativity non-stop 24/7. 

  • Design managment

    The first Russian internet portal for design, creativity and innovations management. The project focuses on information, analysis and new approaches in management in creative industry and development of new products. The web portal has been established by a team of experts and graduates of the British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow).

  • Novosti Reklamy (Advertising News)

    Everything about advertising, marketing and mass media of Russia in one magazine. News from the leading companies, the best creative projects from advertising agencies, facts, events, ratings, media reviews, monitoring and media planning, BTL advertising, PR campaigns, etc.

  • AllAdvertising

    AllAdvertising compiles ratings and catalogues of the most outstanding professionals in the advertising industry: biggest advertising, BTL and PR, branding and creative agencies, biggest media sellers, design and production studios.

  • Smashmag.ru

    An illustrated magazine dedicated to fine arts.

  • Novy Marketing (New Marketing) Magazine

    A magazine that tells the readers how marketing strategies are invented and implemented, how new brands are introduced and promoted in the market, and how the most ingenious advertising campaigns are born. Our articles cover a unique experience of Ukrainian, Russian and western companies, and successful, tried-and-tested business decisions. The magazine’s target audience includes successful marketing directors and brand managers in large and medium businesses.

  • Arkhi-Pipl (Architect People)

    A community of architects, designers and creative people with a passion for what they are doing. The project is about people, not about objects. Ideas, opinions and food for thought, study and implementation. Competitions. Festivals. Exhibitions. Lectures. Interviews, etc.

  • Sovetnik.ru

    The holder of the national award for PR development “Serebryany Luchnik” (Silver Archer) in the nomination “Best Publication, website dedicated to public relations.”

    The reference and analytical material compiled by Sovetnik.ru is absolutely invaluable for any practicing PR professional. This resource also allows sharing their projects with the colleagues and discussing any PR-related topic in a live chat.

  • AdAsia

    The first website on advertising in Central Asia and Azerbaijan. News related to advertising, branding, PR, BTL, and media. AdAsia's purpose is to promote the advertising industry in these countries and help them be noticed within CIS and at the international level. AdAsia would be happy to be a media partner and a representative at advertising festivals and other related events internationally. Besides, AdAsia compiled the first creativity rating for the advertising agencies operating in Central Asia.

  • GORN (Novosibirsk Advertisers Association)

    Novosibirsk Advertisers Association’s web portal. Topics: marketing, advertising, branding, PR, research, printing industry, seminars, news, articles, analysis.

  • AIA

    Association of Interactive Agencies is a non-profit organisation that unites leading Russian companies working in the sphere of internet development and marketing communications.

  • Reklamny Portal (Advertising Web Portal)

    The Portal provides coverage of marketing- and advertising-related issues in Altai Region, unites advertisers in the area, allows information exchange and hopes to improve the professional level of advertising services. Headings: news, jobs, persona, competitions, authors.

  • Marketing Management Magazine

    Marketing Management is a magazine that tells you about the business’ day-to-day issues, gives advice on how to establish good relationship with your customers and how to make advertising more efficient. Well-known practising professionals share the secrets of their success. Numerous case studies will help you put your experience to practice.

  • Shkola Reklamista (Advertiser School)

    This is a project for people passionate about advertising. We love writing, reasoning, analysing and comparing. Our every day is a constantly changing sequence of advert images.

  • Geometriya.ru (Geometry.ru)

    World’s largest social network about night life and social high life, a leader in event photography. An outstanding resource that includes a number of services and content-projects. Blogs, announcements, communities, places and projects, interviews, reports, photos and music! All about the cultural life and more!


    This had already been mentioned by Mr. Putin and Mr.Medvedev, and Mr. Gref wrote in “Vedomosti” that this IS the future. We are Russia’s largest independent resource that is dedicated to … crowdsourcing! We are currently transforming the project into a platform so you can be a part of it. Citycelebrity crowdsourcing platform will combine the most demanded and latest crowd services in the social and cultural sphere, in education, money-making and participation in business and commercial projects.