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Fakestival-2012 will take place here

Fakestival-2012 will take place at the Biryuza Hotel.

If you book a room at the Biryuza, you will live next door to all the jury members. There are other holiday camps located next door to the Biryuza.


Type of Room Rates (Breakfast) RuR Rates
(Breakfast, dinner) RuR
Additional Info
Single 1 600
1 950
Double 2 600
3 300
Triple 3 400 (with balcony)
3 200 (without balcony)
4 450 (with balcony)
4 250 (without balcony)
Services: excursions, laundry service, Russian steam baths, Scandinavian sauna, swimming pool, bbq, function room, table tennis, billiards.

The Salyut is a comfortable two-storey accommodation built using the latest technology from Scandinavia to lend the place an ambience of perfect harmony with nature.

Type of Room Rates
(Breakfast, dinner) RuR
(Breakfast, lunch, dinner) RuR
Additional Info
Super Suite 5600 6200 5900
Standard Suite 4600 5200 4900 5800
Junior Suite (two-rooms) 3900 4500 4200 5100
Standard Single 3000 3600 3300 4200
Services: excursions, satellite TV, laptop hire, free Internet access, laundry service, adult bicycle hire, Russian steam baths, bbq, function room, gym (90 square m), sunbed.

Newly-built comfortable wooden cabins and bungalows surrounded by pine forest and right on the bank of the Katun River.

Type of Room Rates, RuR Additional Info
Single 1 000
Double 1 300
Double 1 800

2 500

Triple 1 800

3 000

Quad 2 200
Services: café, sauna, excursions, bicycle hire, shower.

The Usadba Nika complex is located on the very bank of the Katun River and is surrounded by the magnificent mountains.

Type of Room Rates, RuR Additional Info
Double 4 400 two persons
Junior Suite 3 400 two persons
Standard Suite 2 400 (building 5) — 2 900 for two
Additional bed (adult)

(children up to 14)

Services: excursions, Russian steam baths, fitness centre, swimming pool, function room, bbq, tennis.

Excursions: The Chemal Hydroelectric Power Station, Patmos Island, Kamlak Botanical Gardens, Mountain Spirits Balley, rafting down the Katun river, horse-back excursions, Kamyshlinsky waterfall, quadbike rides, Seligur mountain climbing, rock climbing, the Mezhelik mountain, the Kuyus waterfall.

Your travel company will be happy to answer any questions you might have about accommodation at these hotels.

Lubov Merchalova
Phone: (+7 3852) 271-587; 271-584
e-mail: l.merchalova@aviaflot-tour.ru
Skype: merchalochka
ICQ: 273 294 867