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from Fakestival 2011
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Russian law forbids alcohol sales after hours.


- Develop a name and a corporate look, and create a website for a fridge-magnets selling company. When making any purchase, you get points which can then be exchanged for a bottle of a strong alcoholic drink.


An entrepreneur selling alcohol has a side business selling furniture. The laws banning alcohol sales after hours remind of the time of Prohibition in the USA. With these two facts in mind, you can’t help but remember the notorious Big Al – Al Capone, who was involved in bootlegging, gambling, pimping and illegal alcohol sales – all under the guise of a furniture selling business.

That’s how we came up with the name AlcoPony.

Solgan: an offer you can’t refuse.


Roman Ivanov (Romario Air)
Sergey Manko (Sergio Zest)