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Normatherm Antifebrile Powder for Children

There is an opinion that the target audience for children’s medicines mainly consists of mothers. We, however, cannot agree. Very often, it is the dad that has to rush to a chemist’s for a medicine. NORMATHERM targets dads. NORMATHERM is not just a cardboard tube full of portion sticks. It is a device.

First of all, one can set the latest temperature data by twisting the lid - to report to mum when she's back. Secondly, when the temperature normalises, the fruit puzzle on the front of the tube will be solved.


Olga Mashkina http://www.behance.net/olga_mashkina
Alyona Sedyakina http://www.behance.net/a_remi
Anna Timofeyeva (Plyusnina) http://www.behance.net/pl_ank