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Pitty – a concept for a pit removal device

As a child, the author loved making cherry pies with his mum and granny. They used an ordinary hair pin to remove cherry pits, which made it quite a messy and awkward job.

There are hundreds of pitters on the market, but it is hard to find a practical one, that fits snugly in the hand. Our idea is a pitter you can use with one hand only (right-handed or left-handed): a cherry is tweezed from a bowl and the pit is squeezed out with just a light push of the thumb.

The device is a moulded plastic design without any small parts, easily cleaned and not prone to deformation. When pressing the top of the device, its neck bends, and comes back with the pessure removed.

It’s a practical size for both adults and children and the specially developed shape fits comfortably between the index and the middle finger.


Anton Gulya,
Modelling and Visualisation by: Igor Matveyev, Anton Altunyan
Post-Processing by: Lena Shabayeva