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The GreenPrinter

Idea: If we can't help using paper for printing, we should try and redeem the damage to nature. In real time.

Solution: GreenPrinter app by Green Peace. Download and install the application from an assigned website. The application can access your printer and your bank details: every time you press “Print” you donate 1 cent to a Green Peace tree planting programme.

GreenPrinter is used in cafes, shops and cash machines. Every time we make a purchase, we can choose whether to print the receipt or not. If printing is necessary, GreenPrinter will donate 1 cent to the Green Peace fund.

Every time we take something from nature, we also give something back. It’s only fair. Donate when you print.


Dmitry Chigirin.
Oleg Izosimov
Grant Abovyan
Dmitry Krasnov